Student Office Hours

Here are some awesome students and full time designers who would love to help you out with your portfolio. Previously hosted on Students Who Design.

Jainali Hira

Jainali is a student at UT Austin, studying Sociology with minors in computer science, design thinking, and business. She recently completed a summer internship at argodesign working on designing internal tools for Walmart! This summer she will be a Product/UX Analyst at American Express. She is passionate about accessibility & streamlining people's lives through design 👩‍💻. Other than that, she loves to dance, cook, and is always looking for new tv shows to binge :)

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Aditya Mankare

University of Michigan

Hi there, I am a product designer studying HCI at the University of Michigan, currently sharpening my skills at Upperstudy. Most recently, I interned at Meta Reality Labs as a Product Design Intern. Before that, I interned as an APM at Merck. I love geeking out about product, design, behavioral science, deep tech, startups, and venture capital. In my free time, you can catch me playing soccer, working out, or doing photography.

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Michael Owyang

University of Washington

Michael is an Interaction Design senior at the University of Washington. Last summer, he was a Product Design Intern at Facebook Reality Labs, helping to shape social experiences in VR. In his free time, you can find him playing badminton or watching cooking videos.

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Michael Huang

Michael is a designer studying Information Science at Cornell. Most recently, he was a UX Design Intern at Google. Before that, he interned as a product designer at IBM. In his free time, you can find him playing the ukulele, performing on his dance team, or petting all the corgis.

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Queenie Wu

University of Waterloo

Queenie has previously interned as a designer at Palantir, Shopify, and most recently a UX researcher at Handshake. As someone who can help you ask the right questions, chat with her about finding your values and unique voice as a budding designer, building community, or if you just need a little coffee pick-me-up.

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Antonio Song

Carnegie Mellon University

Antonio is a designer born in Seoul, raised in Beijing. With previous design intern experiences at LinkedIn, PayPal, Venmo, and Apple, he's currently working on designing an interface for a NASA funded lunar rover, launching in 2021 to the Moon, on the path to becoming the world's first private lunar landing.

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Rachel Cheng

York University/Sheridan College

Rachel is currently studying Design at YSDN in Toronto. Most recently, she was a Product Design Intern at Facebook last summer. She has also interned at Work & Co and Universe. Other than that, you can find her actively improving the design education space and mixing beats.

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Cyrus Lau

Cyrus is a product designer at Facebook, working in the community building space. With previous roles at startups and agency, he brings a wide range of skills and experiences. Occasionally you'll find him experimenting with ramen recipes in the kitchen or planning another trip to Japan!

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Jihoon Suh

University of Washington

Jihoon is currently product designer at Facebook Gaming. He previously interned at Google Daydream. Outside of work, he enjoys various types of side projects, and traveling.

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Celine Yan

Born and raised in NYC, Celine began her career as a software engineer and is now a product-thinking driven designer at heart. Previously, she was a Product Designer intern at Microsoft and a UX Designer co-op at Zipcar. She'll be an incoming Product Designer Intern at Facebook next summer!

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Gabe Cagara

Gabe is a senior at RIT. Other than interning at Google this past summer with the YouTube Music Team and working with the HoloLens Mixed Reality team at Microsoft the previous summer, he also enjoys hugs, hawaiian pizza and the pen tool.

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Cedric Ith

University of Washington

Hey, I'm a UX Designer at Microsoft working on Mixed Reality! I studied Informatics at UW and had 6 internships throughout college ranging from big tech like Google, to a 4 person startup, to a VC firm.

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Taha Hossain

York University/Sheridan College

Taha is a design student at YSDN in Toronto. He's an incoming product design intern at Facebook with previous internships at Palantir and Konrad. Lately, he's been dabbling in 3D, Motion Design and Coding. You'll find him in Cafés, jamming at concerts or falling on icy sidewalks.

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Jackie Sabillón

Savannah College of Art and Design

Jackie is a NYC based Product Designer at the growing startup Click Therapeutics, where she designs products to treat patients suffering from various diseases. Her previous experience spans from UX design at Google to design at non-profits in her home country, Honduras. She's an avid supporter of women in tech and the latinx community, and wishes to do good in the world through design.

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Vanessa Yanting Cao

Vanessa is a master student studying HCDE at University of Washington. She was a product design intern at Facebook last summer. She has backgrounds in Computer Science and Hotel Management. Vanessa enjoys baking, crafting and cuddling with her cats.

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Aidan Toole

Drexel University

I study Human-Centered Design at Drexel University. I've previously worked as a designer at Fantasy Interactive and Facebook. I'm joining Facebook NY when I graduate. Outside of design, I like improv-comedy podcasts, boardgames, escape rooms, and Power Rangers comic books.

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Jemma Kwak

UC Berkeley

Jemma is a senior at UC Berkeley and was an intern at Facebook this summer. She has previously interned at Adobe. She is studying Psychology at Berkeley and is interested in the intersection of art, technology, and social good.

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Duaa Zaheer

Duaa is an incoming product design intern at Facebook. With previous experience at Microsoft, Duaa is passionate about creating people-centric experiences, with an interest of designing for marginalized communities. She loves trying out different cuisines and has chaotic taste in music.

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Vanessa Ng

Vanessa was born & raised in Singapore, and just graduated from UC Berkeley. She is currently a product designer at Segment. She has previously interned at IBM Design in Germany, and Mercari. She loves backpacking, architecture, and trying to learn languages.

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Brendan Elliott

Brendan is currently a Product Designer at Facebook. Previously he has interned at Apple and SalesPad. In addition to designing digital experiences, Brendan enjoys making physical products, competing in endurance races and exploring the outdoors.

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Minjun Chen

Minjun is a product designer at Wayfair, working in the supply chain area. She graduated from Human Computer Interaction + Design at the University of Washington. She loves exploring local coffee shops and playing with her kitty.

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Sisi Yu

Carnegie Mellon University

Hello! I am Sisi, is a product designer currently based in Brooklyn. I recently graduated from my Master's from CMU and most recently interned at Adobe working on next-gen creative tools. I specialize in designing and researching ethical and trustworthy User Experiences for AI-Native Products.

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Tolu Olubode

University of Ottawa

Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. Tolu is a designer with a background in Software engineering studying at the university of Ottawa. He's interested in talking about breaking into the design industry,building startups and products, prototyping with code and inclusion in the industry.

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Mackenzie Derival

University of Waterloo

Mackenzie is a senior at UWaterloo majoring in Liberal Arts. Last summer, he worked at Google as a UX Design intern. He also co-founded a startup called Node App which enables brands to connect with influencers. In his spare time, he likes to play hike.

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Cordell Yee

Penn State University

Cordell is a senior at Penn State majoring in entrepreneurship. He interned at Facebook last summer. Always working on fun projects, including Team Solomid,,and

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Ida Ström

Academy of Art University

Ida is a Product Designer @Curology in SF and former intern @Twitter. She's interested in design processes, systems and finding ways to solve tricky problems.

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Jimmy Hsu

Simon Fraser University

I am a Vancouver-based designer finishing my undergraduate degree. I went from 0 internships to landing 4 in a span of two years. Most recently, I spent 7 months at Microsoft interning at Xbox and Visual Studio. I'm currently interested in developer tools and automotive design.

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Sahil Khoja

Cornell University

Sahil is currently a freelance product designer. He previously interned at Instagram, Facebook, and Intuit. He works on and loves to help people break into design.

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Sanjana Galgalikar

Currently a Product Designer & Product Manager at a seed stage startup focused on the voice assistant space. Interested in startups, social good, and STEM education outreach.

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Andrés Arbelaez

Andrés is currently a product designer at Facebook. He also has designed emerging technologies as an IDEO CoLab fellow and built cross-platform products as an Instagram software engineering intern.

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Alexa Forberg

Alexa is a senior at RIT. She’s an incoming UX Designer at Microsoft with experience working with HoloLens Mixed Reality, marketing design, and as a design research assistant. She loves to empower all people through design and technology. You can find her obsessing over corgis or accidentally eating her crops in Stardew Valley.

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Tarek Younes

University of Toronto

Tarek is a self-taught designer completing his Masters at the University of Toronto. He is an incoming product design intern at Facebook Messenger and is passionate about connecting people through digital experiences.

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Mariano Avila

University of Oklahoma

Mariano is currently a product designer at Fast. He previously interned at Facebook on the Events and Ads Creation teams. Mariano enjoys filmmaking and is currently hacking on a few side projects in the consumer social space.

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Crystal Wang

School of Visual Arts

Crystal is an Interaction Designer at Google who has previously interned at IDEO NY and Microsoft. A math major turned designer, Crystal merges her analytical and creative halves to make meaningful products and experiences.

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Ethelia Lung

Rochester Institute of Tech.

Ethelia's a transplant to California from Hong Kong. Primarily focused in the digital space, she's detail-oriented, gently opinionated, and a bit of a perfectionist. Ethelia currently works as an Interaction Designer at YouTube, and was previously an intern at Google and

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Hasque is currently a senior at RIT. He previously was at DoorDash as a Kleiner Perkins Fellow & recently completed an internship at Instagram on the stories team. He loves startups and side projects and is currently running Cofolios.

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Calvin Zheng

University of Waterloo

Calvin is finishing up his senior year at the University of Waterloo. Before that, he took two years off to do back-to-back internships, most recently having interned at Microsoft. He can help answer questions about the differences between designing at and applying to startups, agencies, and big tech.

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Perrin Anto

Columbia University

Perrin is an incoming Kleiner Perkins Design Fellow at Airbnb. His previous experience spans UX design at Google, Proto Partners, and a social startup. As an engineering student at Columbia, he vibes with the challenging career change to design. He’s best known for his eclectic bow tie collection.

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Ariel Chan

University of Washington

Ariel is a Visual Communication Design senior at the University of Washington with experience in branding, motion, interface and web design. Previously, she was an Inclusive Design Intern at Airbnb on Design Language Systems with a focus in Digital Accessibility.

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Tiffany Eaton

California College of the Arts

Tiffany is an interaction designer at Google . Previously, she has interned at DocuSign and Intuit. Tiffany keeps a blog where she writes about design on, and has done editorial work for companies such as Invision and Fjord.

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Aditi Khazanchi

Rochester Institute of Technology

Aditi is currently designing for Mixed Reality at Microsoft and was previously an intern there working on inclusive VR. She is passionate about inclusive design and accessibility. You can find her planning her next travel or obssessing over home decor.

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Aaditya Ailawadhi

Rhode Island School of Design

Aaditya is a UX and Product Designer at Microsoft. Previously he has interned at Microsoft, and Nuance. He is a graduate of Industrial Design from the Rhode Island School of Design. Aaditya loves cars, taking pictures of buildings, and building cool things.

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Rachel He

New York University

Rachel is currently working as a product designer at Spotify in New York City. On the side, she pushes for climate action as a Climate Designer. She was previously an intern at Airbnb and a Kleiner Perkins Fellow at DoorDash. She also recently graduated from NYU with a major in Computer Science.

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Kevin Wang

McGill University

Kevin is a senior Architecture student from McGill University, and an incoming Product Design Intern at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. He has also interned at PointClickCare and CTC. You can find him playing badminton, doing photography, and reading books. He’s recently exploring the AR/VR space.

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Karlie Yu

University of Washington

Karlie is an incoming UX designer at Amazon. With a background in Landscape Architecture, she's happy to share her experience on career change. She likes softball, stand up comedy and exploring new hobbies.

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Jamie Byun

University of Washington

Jamie's currently a product designer based in Seattle. Jamie spent her life in South Korea and Malaysia before coming to study HCDE at UW. Her previous experience spans interaction/product design at SONOS, DocuSign, Sage Bionetworks, and Balance Hero. Besides work, Jamie loves trying out new recipes and traveling the world.

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Qiqi Xu

Minerva Schools

Qiqi is a product designer at Yelp.A recent graduate of the first class at Minerva Schools majoring in data science and history, she's proudly a self-taught designer.She'd love to chat about how to learn design without a program, and how the tech industry can benefit from learning more humanities.

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Zain Khoja

Cornell University

Zain is a native Texan studying Information Science at Cornell. This upcoming summer, he will be a Product Design Intern at Instagram. Most recently, he was a Systems Design Intern at GitHub. In his free time, he loves drinking sweet tea and playing the ukulele.

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Ishaan Kansal

University of Illinois

Ishaan was born and raised in India before he came to study Computer Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Currently working as a Product Designer at Samsara, he has previously been a Kleiner Perkins Design fellow at Airware, and did product design internships at FB and Pinterest.

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Emily Frebowitz

Emily is a senior at RIT studying new media design. She spent last summer interning at Facebook as a product design intern. She’s also interned at Johnson & Johnson at their design studio doing UX. You can find her either in a forest or behind a screen at all times, nothing inbetween.

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