How to create a strong portfolio.

A video based course taught by a previous Instagram product designer.

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Learn how to create and improve your portfolio.The course covers all aspects of the job search process, from crafting a solid portfolio to preparing for the interviews.

Learn how to create and structure your case studies. The course creator will break down and teach you through what the structure of a good case study structure looks like. The course also will help you make your own.

Video Lessons Included

Self paced video course with community support. The course is displayed inside a platform called Circle which has videos that are paired with each lesson.

Taught by a previous Instagram designer. The course creator has worked at Instagram, Doordash, and has also mentored designers to go on and work at top tech companies.

Hasque May

"In my opinion, the best person to learn from is the person who has done what you want to do. It's usually easier than doing it on your own. In this course I'll teach you everything I know from building design projects to positioning yourself for a job."

Previously worked at

Testimonials. Here's are quotes from of a few reviews from Hasque's past office hour mentees.

“Hasque was such a big help in kick starting my design journey! He's a natural at being a mentor and his passion for teaching truly shows. I always found value from each one of the office hour sessions I had with him and highly recommend taking his course!”


Product Designer @ Amazon

“Hasque is very passionate about helping other designers. I met him when I was trying to break into design. He gave excellent advice on my portfolio and interviews, which helped me land my first job quickly. If you're looking to advance your design career, I highly recommend this course!”


Product Designer @ Power

“ I reviewed my portfolio with you and get a lot of hands on feedback on the layout of the portfolio home page, how to structure the story-telling to be more readable, etc. One of the most helpful feedback was how to quickly improve my portfolio home page to give it more character. I find the quick and on-point advice while I was job hunting very helpful.”


Product Designer @ Amazon

Lessons that cover a range of topics. The course takes you from the beginning to the end of the job journey. I'll also create more lessons upon request.

  1. How to create and improve your portfolio.


  2. Standing out in a crowded application pool.


  3. How to come up with good projects for your portfolio.

    Design / Product Thinking

  4. Building a portfolio that doesn't feel like a template.

    Career / Design

  5. Creating a comprehensive case study.

    Design / Product Thinking

  6. How to structure a case study.

    Product Thinking / Story Telling

  7. Improving your visual design.


  8. How to prepare for interviews.

    Story Telling

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  2. Portfolio feedback

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$15/mo billed quarterly

  1. Video Course
  2. Portfolio feedback

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Personalized coaching



$499/mo billed quarterly

  1. Everything in the Value Plan
  2. Unlimited 1:1s
  3. Personalized coaching
  4. Limited Spots

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Frequently Asked Questions

Email me if there are any more questions. My email is

Yeah! Feel free to request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the course.
It's for people who are newer to design, switching careers, or designers that just want to improve their skills. I'm going over how to make a case study, position yourself in the job market, and how to improve your design skills.
I've always been interested in giving back in accessible ways by making a ton of free resources and hosting office hours. While hosting office hours, I started getting a ton of similar questions so decided to sit down and create a comprehensive course around these questions which can hopefully help more people in a sustainable scalable way.
Yes! Feel free to DM me through the platform. I'll also have a calendar open where you can book time with me.
You'll get access to all the videos and also the community platform!